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ISG is a valuable asset in insurance personnel search. Specific industry experience and a complete array of services save our clients' time and money. Our effective process, attention to detail and insurance industry knowledge ensure excellent, accurate search results.

Complete Array of Services

ISG performs contingency and retained searches for full-time positions. We also conduct searches for temporary and contract positions.

Save Time and Money

ISG brings years of experience, industry training, and strategic partnerships to the recruiting process. We execute the recruiting process so that our clients can remain focussed on their objectives, without the distraction of conducting a labor-intensive personnel search.

Effective Process

Since 1990 ISG has built a reputation of diligence and integrity. We cultivate personal relationships in the insurance industry, facilitating an efficient and accurate recruitment process.

  1. If you so choose, your use of ISG can remain confidential to the public.
  2. ISG presents candidates recruited after the assignment is given.
  3. ISG only pursues candidates who meet your qualifications.
  4. Only the best-qualified candidates will be presented to you. ISG recruits both active and passive candidates. While passive candidates do not submit their resumes to job boards, they are often the most effective and highly qualified candidates.