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ISG is an ideal service for qualified candidates in the Property and Casualty Insurance Industry. We take time to develop personal relationships with each search candidate. This allows us to understand the strengths of each individual and ensure quality matches for our clients. ISG is also devoted to the confidentiality of candidates' information.

Personal Relationships

At ISG, we place a high priority on personal relationships with search candidates. Through detailed communication, we determine the best candidates to recommend for a given position. We take pride in consistently placing the right insurance professionals in the right career opportunities.

Qualified Matches

ISG goes to great lengths to understand your technical skills, leadership experience and personal achievements. We also obtain a detailed understanding of each search assignment from our client companies. You will be contacted when your experience and achievements match the needs our client company. We will not waste your time, nor the time of our clients.


ISG is committed to confidentiality in the age of diminishing privacy. Little privacy is guaranteed when you submit your information on a company website or job board. Almost anyone can access the information you might publish on a job board, even your current employer. Nothing prevents unqualified candidates from posting their resumes for any job, and sorting through a large volume of unqualified candidates is both ineffective and frustrating for prospective employers.

ISG offers a different solution: the information we gather stays with us. When an opportunity arises that fits your background and skills, ISG will contact you. After you review the employment opportunity, you decide if you want to pursue the position. If so, your information goes only to that employer. If not, your information goes nowhere.